Paramedic Program

Already an EMT? Train with the best in the industry and become a Medic.

Our Paramedic Program prepares students to be excellent healthcare providers who are ready to become leaders in the field.

Students receive extensive training in Airway Management, Cardiology, Pharmacology, Medical and Trauma Emergencies, Pediatric Emergencies, and much more. Students participate in clinical and vehicular shifts while completing their classroom training to relate the classroom lecture with real-world experiences.



Start Date Class Days Location End Date Duration Class Times Enroll
4/26/23 Wednesdays & Thursdays Mesa 2/15/24 10 Months 9am – 5pm
4/26/23 Wednesdays & Thursdays Peoria 2/15/24 10 Months 9am – 5pm
7/31/23 Mondays & Wednesdays Mesa 5/21/24 10 Months 9am – 5pm
7/31/23 Mondays & Tuesdays Peoria 5/21/24 10 Months 9am – 5pm
10/25/23 Tuesdays & Thursdays Mesa 8/22/24 10 Months 9am – 5pm