ECG Rhythm InterpretationEKG

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Upcoming Basic ECG Classes

The Basic ECG classes are designed for the person with no ECG experience and those preparing for ACLS and PALS courses. This course introduces healthcare providers to normal cardiac rhythms and prepares them to recognize basic cardiac arrhythmias in clinical practice.

From the course, healthcare providers improve their skill in ECG rhythm recognition, which is a key skill required to successfully determine a patient’s condition, know which algorithm to apply, and provide better patient treatment.

Course Content:

  • Basic rhythm understanding
  • Common arrhythmias
  • Identifying and distinguishing various arrhythmias


12 Lead EKG classes12lead

The 12 Lead ECG course reviews anatomy and physiology of the cardiac system. Also includes placement of ECG leads, calculating heartrate, analyzing rhythm strips and review of rhythms.

Course Content:

Upcoming Classes

Upcoming 12 Lead ECG  Classes

  • Proper lead placement for 12 lead ECG
  • Identify  ECG changes caused by injury, ischemia, and infarction
  • Indicate specific area of infarction related to ECG changes






Note: Continuing education courses are not included within this institution’s ABHES grant of accreditation