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    Critical Care Course

    Critical Care Course

    WE are pleased to announce our upcoming Critical Care Transport Specialist Course beginning September 12, 2018 and run every Wednesday from 0800 to 1700 through November 28.  Locations will be at our Peoria Campus and Baker Ambulance in Needles, CA.  

    The Critical Care Transport Specialist is designed in response to the growing need for qualified specialists in the area of critical care inter-facility transfer. It helps to prepare paramedics and nurses to serve with competence and confidence in meeting the needs of critical care patients undergoing inter-facility transports. While traditional paramedic education programs teach essential skills and provide a knowledge base for the management of patients in the pre-hospital setting, these training programs frequently do not teach the skills and knowledge necessary to manage critical patients between hospitals, specialty referral centers, and extended care facilities. The CCTS program will assist the clinician in developing the necessary skills and knowledge to manage critical patients during a high risk transfer. Essentially, CCTS is “post graduate education” for the paramedic or nurse that attempts to standardize training and level of care in inter-facility transport.

    The CCTS Program has been designed to meet the current needs of the critical care transport provider working in ground, air or fixed wing environments. The new curriculum focuses on advanced level knowledge and assumes that participants come in with a working knowledge of Chemistry, Pharmacodynamics, along with Anatomy & Physiology. The curriculum is truly one that creates a Specialty Care Transport Provider** and has been not only 100% peer reviewed by leaders in the industry, but also 100% physician reviewed. 


    Paramedic requirements: Recommended minimum of one (1) year as a paramedic. Additional requirements may be current certifications in CPR, ACLS, ITLS/PHTLS, and PALS/PEPP/PPC.



    Nurse requirements: Recommended minimum of one (1) year as a nurse, Additional requirements may be current certifications in CPR, ACLS, PALS/PEPP/ENPC, and ITLS/PHTLS/TNCC/TNATC.





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