An e-mail received from a student in one of our Paramedic Refresher Courses:

This is Robert Smith.  I attended your Wizard Class the week of January 18th in Mohave Valley.  I work for the City Of Yuma Fire Department and had to take the refresher because I was unsuccessful with my first 3 attempts of obtaining National Registry certification.  I made my 4th attempt yesterday morning and I’m happy to say that I was FINALLY successful!  I am now a CEP and looking forward to the next phase in my career.

I would like for it to be known that I truly believe in your program.  I was very hesitant on the first morning when I arrived but within the first hour I was very impressed with the program.  Each of the instructors were prepared, professional, and provided a lot of positive feedback that was important to me.  Some programs use “fillers” to cover the necessary hours.  I think that your program actually gave me what I needed for the National Registry test and didn’t waste my time.  For that, I am grateful.

Thank you again for providing a great program and I look forward to the next one!  Until that time, take care and stay safe.


Robert L. Smith
City Of Yuma Fire Dept

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An e-mail received from a student in one of our ACLS Courses:

I just wanted to say thank you, and because of your class I think I saved someone’s life tonight! I am a peds nurse and have never had to take adult ACLS before now. My knowledge of adult heart attacks/strokes is mostly textbook from nursing school but I learned a lot more in your class, which I took just this past weekend. Tonight I was having dinner with my neighbor at a restaurant when she complained of severe sudden headache and nausea. She wanted me to drive her home and said she had a migraine and wanted to lie down. Her husband was not at home at the time. As we were driving I had strokes on my mind, but she was not that bad yet. I asked her some more screening questions and she said she had been having gastric pain and right arm pain since the afternoon. I immediately diverted to the hospital. It was only 4 miles away on the freeway and faster to drive than call 911 at that point, with no traffic because it was evening. I got her in the ED and said we were having an emergency. I did not take a number, but insisted they see her right now. She was *extremely* hypertensive and bradycardic and was taken for a CT scan and other things right away. After those tests she got much worse with the chest pain. When I left, after her husband arrived, she was being worked up for stroke vs. aortic dissection vs other coronary things and was being taken back for an emergency CT with contrast. Because of your class I had been especially in tune with her “migraine” symptoms and knew how to screen her for more info and what to do. I had the confidence to not listen to her request to just be taken home but insisted to take her to ED. THANK YOU so much for the knowledge.  I really think it saved my neighbor’s life tonight!


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Here is a review posted on our Facebook page from a student who has attended many of our classes:

5 starWhat an awesome facility! they make sure you fully understand the material and know everything that is necessary and then some. I would highly recommend them to every one!!
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An e-mail received from a student from one of our CPR classes:

Dear Wizard Education,

I have taken both PALS and ACLS through your company. Although I work in an acute care facility I have never had to do CPR on an actual patient until yesterday.

Even though I was scared, the training kicked in. My hands found themselves checking for a brachial pulse in this tiny patient, and then encircling the baby’s chest and giving effective compressions. My hands knew how to do this thanks to practicing on the mannequins. The baby came back to life in my hands. I was a powerful experience. Later, we evaluated EKG strips of this incident and my compressions were right around the rate of 100 per minute.

Last year I wrote you to thank you for your teaching, too. I am a peds nurse and not as familiar with adult conditions. I have only taken one ACLS class after it became required last year. Shortly after taking the ACLS class I was able to recognize that my neighbor was having a hypertensive emergency, and not just a headache as she thought. She was, according to the doctors in the ER, minutes away from having a stroke.

Thanks for training us to save lives in people of all ages. You do good work.

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A review about our Paramedic Program from Facebook:

Wizards medic program is not for the weak, 10 months of headaches from information overload. It’s cutting edge, and directly on point with where we are in EMS. Fred, Carl, Annette, Laura, Beth, Robin, Devin, Larry, and Angie are some of the best EMS instructors out there. You won’t find and school or program that can even compare to Wizard. It was a blast!

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