EMS & Healthcare Professional Education Specialists

Wizard Education has its roots in Arizona EMS going back to the 1980s. At that time, our founders were medical professionals working for EMS Agencies and Hospital Emergency Departments in the Phoenix area. Their dedication to quality patient care led them to become more involved in not just providing patient care, but also helping to develop and grow the EMS system in Arizona and educating medical providers all around the state.

In the early to mid1990s, they worked at St Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix in the roles of EMS Area Coordinator, EMS Educators and AHA Instructors, Coordinators and Faculty. The EMS Education Department provided EMT, Paramedic, BTLS (ITLS), ACLS and PALS programs for agencies and hospitals throughout the entire state. In 1996, St Joseph’s Hospital closed the department, so our founders then personally took on the role to continue providing quality medical education to the providers that they had been serving while at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

The smaller companies that were formed in 1996 continued to operate and grow until 2003 when a decision was made to merge into one organization in order to provide a better service to all the medical providers, Fire Departments, EMS Agencies and hospitals they had been serving over the years.. On January 1, 2003, Wizard Education was formed with the mission to “improve healthcare by providing high quality education in a pleasant supportive environment”.

With our mission in mind, our focus became to provide a wide spectrum of medical education courses to multiple disciplines of Medical Providers and lay rescuers. We use a “Low Stress” approach, which makes learning easy and enjoyable. All our instructors are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly, and strive to provide the class participants with a positive learning environment.

To accomplish all this, Wizard Education became an AHA Training Center for BLS, ACLS and PALS, an Arizona Department of Health Services Training Center for EMTs and Paramedics, ITLS and AMLS Training Sites, and achieved CECBEMS accreditation. Our main campus is in Peoria, Az, just west of the 101 freeway allowing easy access from most of the valley and surrounding area. We have high definition teleconferencing equipment allowing us the ability to hold simultaneous classes all over the state (or anywhere that has internet capability).

In 2014, Wizard Education and National College of Technical Instruction (NCTI), the Nation’s largest Paramedic School and EMS Training College, formed the Arizona Consortium for Paramedic Education in order to provide high performance paramedic classes over the entire state of Arizona. AzCPE is CoAEMSP accredited (LOR) to provide paramedic classes meeting the qualifications to apply and test for NREMT and Arizona state certification.

Also in 2014, we became academically accredited though the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). ABHES’s mission is to ensure that their accredited institutions and programs achieve and comply with the high standards necessary to effectively prepare students for careers in the health care industry. Our program is measured by the competency of our faculty and staff, the amount of available resources, the quality of our training equipment, and the accessibility of externship facilities. ABHES is responsible for ensuring schools are consistent in all areas pertaining to student instruction and training.  (ABHES does not provide accreditation for Continuing Education programs)

For the future, Wizard Education plans to continue to serve the providers, departments, agencies and facilities we have been serving in the past, and work towards developing new relationships with those who are dedicated to providing the utmost in patient care.

Our customers include many Hospitals, EMS Agencies, Fire Departments, Air Ambulance Services, Health Clinics, Physician’s Offices, Surgery Centers and Educational Institutions around the state of Arizona. A few of these customers are:

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